Five Reasons to Update Your Web Design

© enterlinedesign - Fotolia.comIf your website has looked the same for the past three years, it’s time to make sure the format still works. Modern website designs are sleek, streamlined and easy to navigate. Consider these five reasons why it makes sense to periodically update your website design.

1. Stay Fashionable

You would not wear the same shirts on dates as you did five or ten years ago. After all, you want to look your best. People can also tell when your website is stuck in a rut from a few years ago. Don’t look outdated and unconcerned. Update your website design to reflect modern trends.

2. Be Approachable

Your website must be easy to navigate. People should be able to find what they want within two or three seconds. If it takes longer, they are likely to surf away to the competition to get what they need. Look objectively at your website as you try to search for certain items. If it takes too long, it’s time for a change.

3. Keep it Simple

More is not always better. When you have several images and videos on your home page, it takes longer to load your website. This creates a negative user experience. Get rid of all the bells and whistles so your website functions properly. Use one or two compelling images or videos rather than a bunch that people are unlikely to look at anyway.

4. Give Them What They Want

Answer the questions people have about merchandise and services. Include a FAQ section at your website. There should be enough information about what you offer for customers to make an education choice to select items from your company.

5. Revamp Your Content

If your content is rewritten or saturated with keywords, your website could wind up getting eliminated from search engine results. Update your content to ensure it is informational, meaningful and readable. The key is to convert leads into paying customers who come back for more.




Five Reasons Web Design Matters

© Marek - Fotolia.comA website represents your business online. It is almost like a virtual office or store. People get a first impression when they visit your website and you want it to be a positive one. Once upon a time, the phone book was the source for finding businesses. Now people conduct online searches. Consider five major reasons why your website design matters.

Websites Introduce Your Company

Many people turn to the Internet to find out whether a business is legitimate. A professional website is the best way to introduce your company and give it greater credibility. If your website looks well-organized and trustworthy, people are more likely to contact your business.

Websites Brand Your Business

Having a catchy name and eye-catching logo makes your business stand out from the crowd. It also helps to have a memorable slogan that summarizes what your business does. A business website gives you a golden opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind business brand. You can also create social media accounts to further define and promote your brand.

Websites Provide Important Information

When people conduct a search, they are typically looking for certain information. They might want to purchase something or simply gather some facts. Create compelling content that gives the user all the info they want. This encourages them to come back to your site and share it with others.

Websites Should Be User-Friendly

Your website should be on a secure environment where people feel safe sharing their names, addresses and credit card numbers. It also needs to be navigable so visitors can easily find what they want. If they have to search around, it is likely they will surf away to the competition.

Website Nurture Relationships

Besides attracting new customers, you want to nurture your current ones. Use your website to provide cutting edge facts, updates and ask your customers important questions to determine what they really want from your company.